Directions to getting started:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on FL
  3. Register for an account (unless you already have one)
  4. Select year: 20-21
  5. Select school: OAKLEAF
  6. Select sport: (all sports that you think you will play)
  7. Fill out all of the medical information
  8. Type in your insurance company and policy number
  9. The parent must sign where it says parent (not all the way down) and the student must sign where it says student, if not then the signatures will be reset.
  10. Upload your physical paperwork (EL2)... 
Uploading your physical paperwork (EL2) to
  1. Both pages of the physical paperwork (EL2) must be uploaded to
  2. Click on the yellow pencil under the “Uploads”
  3. You can scan or take a picture of the physical paperwork (EL2) and every other required document.

    1. Each page of the physical gets uploaded into a different slot under Physical (EL2) upload 
    2. Upload a picture of Insurance Card, Birth Cert, Parent ID
    3. Make sure you click “SAVE” at the very bottom of the screen or uploads won’t save
    4. Click on each hyperlink to to complete the required courses each year
    5. Take a picture of certificates of completion of each course, upload them the same way
In order to be clear to play
  1. Go the box that says “Confirmation”
  2. Click on print
  3. Parent and student needs to sign it and date it
  4. Upload it into the slot that says “Confirmation Message”
  5. Email to inform Coach Miller that everything is done and you need to be cleared.  You will receive a confirmation email or an email stating that you are missing paperwork. 
If your athlete has already completed an account on athletic clearance(played any sport this year), then please follow these steps:
>go to
>log in (username and password), if you forgot your password, then click on FORGOT PASSWORD. If you don't remember your email you used (user name), then email me and I will tell you.  I can't tell you your password though (it will not let me see that info)
>Go to the "print" icon under conformation and click on it
>Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the sport
>click submit 
>It will automatically move all your info into the 2nd sport
>Place pg 1 & 2 of the EL2 side by side and take a picture
>click on the yellow pencil under "Physicals"
>where it says upload physical form: click on "choose file"
>choose the EL2 (from wherever you stored it at)
>click "SAVE" 
>Go into the Spring and print the confirmation page and have your child turn it into Coach Miller in the Athletic office ASAP